What is Google SEO전문업체?


General understanding of Google search engine

Before we dive into some serious SEO전문업체 skills, let’s take a look at how the Google search engine works. First, we create a site and register it with Webmaster Tools, and then Google sends a bot to our site, called crawling. Then, I scrape my website structure and documents and do something called indexing. In this way, Google scrapes documents from not only our website but also documents from a wide variety of sites and organizes them. Then, it is displayed on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) according to the algorithm. If there is enough search volume and the market exists, there is a high probability (and even a large number) of ads. Google Keyword Ads is a way to get on page 1 without doing any SEO work. Of course, you have to pay a cost-per-click (CPC).
There is also a cost problem, but users who search for it often overlook it because they know it is an advertisement. Rather, people deliberately view the text on pages that are purely content in the green area below the ad SEO업체 추천.

How long does it take to get to page 1?

When I write an article, when my article ranks on page 1 depends on how competitive the article is. Keywords may take longer or be more difficult if they are highly competitive keywords such as insurance or stocks, or if the content of the documents ranked on page 1 is of high quality and the website score is high. Especially for newly created websites, it may take a little longer to target the same keywords. (At first, the exposure isn’t right. That’s normal.)
At first, you need to keep your website active by consistently writing articles on professional topics. You need to create a site that will give Google credibility. So, if you are creating a website for the first time, you need at least 3 months to go ahead with SEO마케팅.

If you want to activate the website a little bit faster

  1. Start writing with less competitive keywords, such as long-tail keywords (which will be explained later).
  2. Through the backlink operation, even a small amount of traffic flows steadily.
  • In this case, it doesn’t matter if the backlink is no-follow. It just means that traffic is “incoming” to your website and that your website is known. (Backlinks will be explained later) If you are conducting email marketing, links to communities, social media, and YouTube channels on related topics, we will send you traffic through email.

Stay time!

So, with this in mind, let’s start the writing journey in earnest.
First of all, let’s install a plugin that helps when writing SEO전문업체. This is a plugin called Yoast SEO.
After you finish writing this plugin, will the title and content be appropriate?
The main keyword is a plugin for WordPress that checks whether the writing is suitable for SEO, such as whether it is repeated enough.

Now, for the sake of a full-fledged explanation, let’s assume that you are writing on the topic “Making a salad”.
First, the title. Please include the main keyword in the title. So, is it just a main keyword?
It’s not like that. Here, we’ll give you an attractive title so people can click on our article just by looking at the title.
The reason why a good title is so important is because it is the most important factor that Google considers to be the most important factor in figuring out the topic of the article, but the click-through rate (CTR)
It is also because CTR is a ratio that indicates which of the documents on the search results page is selected (clicked). The first thing people see when they search for keywords and what articles to read is the title by 업체 에이전시.